Friday, March 31, 2023

Egyptian Book of the Dead

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Descendants of The AN.UNNA.KI

The following genealogy is that of the inhabitants of the planet Nibiru who visited the Earth in pre-historic days, who, because they had come...

Edgar Cayce: Ancient Egypt Readings

Ancient Egypt Readings READING 5748-6 This Reading given by Edgar Cayce July 1, 1932. 1. EC: Much has been written respecting that represented in the Great Pyramid,...

Edgar Cayce: Atlantis Readings

Atlantis Readings 364-1 Atlantis as a continent is a legendary tale. Whether or not that which has been received through psychic sources has for its...


Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Wars – [8970 BCE and 8670 BCE]

The ancient Egyptian pyramid wars are theorized to have taken place about a millennia after the Great Deluge. The 1st Pyramid War could very...

Book of Enoch Explained


Mythology of Jesus


Archaeologists Anonymous


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