Archive Submittals

The ‘Archive’ publishes videos of many lengths, graphics, podcasts, and just about any other media that might help us share an idea effectively. However, we receive many more submissions than we can publish, and we often have to say no to good proposals due to limitations of space and time or because they’re not distinct enough from other pieces we have published. Due to the volume of submissions that we receive, it can take several weeks for us to review an unsolicited proposal. If we’ve passed on something you’ve submitted, please feel free to try again with another idea.

Here are the four qualities we look for when evaluating what to accept:

  1. Expertise: You don’t have to be well known to be a contributor, but you must know a lot about the subject you’re writing about.
  2. Evidence: It’s not enough to know your subject deeply — you have to prove it to the reader/viewer. Referring to supporting research is one good way to do this; describing relevant examples is another. If you have interesting data, let us know.
  3. Originality: New ideas in are rare and precious — and one of the primary reasons viewers turn to the Archive. If you’re submitting material about a well-worn topic, we’ll be looking for a unique argument or insight. We’ll also be looking at how well it builds on what we’ve already published.
  4. Writing that’s persuasive and a pleasure to read: Archive viewers are smart and skeptical and busy. If you don’t capture their interest right away, they will move on to something else.

Please contact us at this email address: with your ideas and proposals.