Control of Humanity – Mauro Biglino

What if the Christian Bible does not actually say what you have been taught? What if mistranslations and mis-transliterations have changed the original story? Someone who knows all too well about translation and transliteration is Mauro Biglino. Mauro Biglino is an Italian biblical scholar, translator, and best-selling author for Mondadori, one of the major publishing houses in Italy. During his career, Biglino has directed and supervised the translation and publication of 17 books of the Old Testament for Edizioni San Paolo, Italy’s main Catholic publisher, whose Vatican-approved texts are used in theological, ancient Hebrew, and biblical studies schools and universities. Once stripped of all unnecessary interpretations, the Bible appears to be very different from how it has always been narrated: it does not contain a spiritual, almighty and all-knowing God. There is no concept of eternity. No apples, nor slithering tempting serpents. No winged angels. Not even the Red Sea: the people of the Exodus simply fords a bed of reeds.