Exodus of the Anunnaki – When Did They Leave Earth?

‘Anunnaki Exodus from Earth – When and Who Left the Planet’ explores the departure of the Anunnaki gods from Earth – a drama-filled event replete with theophanies, phenomenal occurrences, divine uncertainties, and human quandary. Incredibly, the departure is neither surmised nor speculative; it is amply documented. The evidence comes to us from the Near East as well as from the Americas. The testimony is not hearsay; it consists of eyewitness reports, among them by the Prophet Ezekiel. The reports are included in the Bible, and they were inscribed on stone columns—texts dealing with miraculous events leading to the accession to the throne of Babylon’s last king. Follow along as the Archive delves into the work of Zecharia Sitchin and his End of Days.