Descendants of The AN.UNNA.KI

The following genealogy is that of the inhabitants of the planet Nibiru who visited the Earth in pre-historic days, who, because they had come down to Earth were known as the (as noted in Sumerian, and later Akkadian, legends).

A literal translation of the name is: heaven came to earth. In the Hebrew / Judeo-Christian tradition they were the beings called the Nephilim. They were called the Watchers in the Biblical Book of Daniel and also in the non-canonical books of Enoch and Jubilees.

The legends of the Anunnaki are some of the, if not the, oldest in existence. They come from Sumer, and from them were modeled the legends of the Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Amorites, Egyptians, Canaanites, Hurrians, Hittites, Aryans, Greeks and others.

It was from the legends of the Anunnaki that certain of the ‘legends’ of the Old Testament of the Hebrew / Judeo-Christian Bible were derived. Although many Biblical scholars refuse to acknowledge the connection, the ties between the Sumerian legends and those of the Judeo-Christians are undeniable. In some cases, the wording of the Hebrew Bible almost exactly mimics that of the Sumerian texts in relation to the legends of the Creation and the Deluge.

And even in certain instances, the scribes of the Hebrew Bible apparently made inadvertent errors by allowing aspects of the original legends to appear in the Bible text. An example of this is when God spoke to ‘someone’ about creating mankind. The Biblical text states: ” And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…”, revealing that the monotheistic Hebrew religion may have been founded on a polytheistic one.

The fact that the Nephilim were ‘gods’ who were different than, but compatible with, mankind is revealed in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6, verses 1-4, where it is stated:

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. There were nephilim on the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

The word nephilim has been mistranslated as ‘giants’ ever since Flavius Josephus translated it as such in his book, Antiquities of the Jews; and the phrase the sons of God should actually read ‘sons of the gods’ because the word elohim, which is used in the original texts, is often mistranslated as the singular God despite the fact that it is the plural of the word El or Eloh.

The legends of Sumer embody the earliest instance of the creation legends, and as such, are each of our ancestral history. The culture known as the Sumerians, who were the direct repositories of the Anunnaki heritage and knowledge, derived their name from either, (i.e. the ones who watch), or Shem.ur, (i.e. the people of the shem).

The word Shem refers to the concept of a ‘highward, or upward moving, shining stone.’ Some scholars have proposed the theory that the high-ward fire stone was the name used by the Anunnaki and the Sumerians to describe their space ships in which they traveled to and from the Earth and the planet, Nibiru.

This section has been included because the beings they refer to just might be distant ancestors of us all. To the skeptics I say: Who can unequivocally say that the legends of the Sumerians either are true or are not true? Who can say that the legends collected together in the Hebrew Bible are true? In any instance, it all boils down to a matter of faith and belief. In view of the fact that many of the legends to be found in the Hebrew Bible were derived from the earlier Sumerian ones, if our faith and belief tells us that the Bible is true, shouldn’t the Sumerian legends, from which the Hebrew ones are derived, also be true?

Generation No. 1

1. AP.SU {aka Absu, Apason, The Deep, The One Who Exists From The Beginning} AP.SU was the primordial being, the ‘father’ of the gods. AP.SU was associated with the Sun by the ancient Sumerians. According to the Babylonian creation epic, the Enuma Elish: “Enuma elish la nabu shamamu…”

{“When in the heights Heaven had not been named, And below, firm ground had not been called; Naught, but primordial APSU, their Begetter…” (according to a translation by L.W. King)
“At that time above, the heaven was unnamed: below the earth by name was unrecorded; the boundless deep also (was) their generator…”(according to George Smith)}

APSU’s spouse was TIAMAT {aka Tiamtu, Tamtu, Tauthe, Mother Hubbur, The Sea, The Maiden Who Gave Life, The Dragon Queen}. The primordial waters that the beings of AP.SU and TIAMAT encompassed flowed together, and by mingling, created all life. TIAMAT is associated with a planet which existed in an orbit around the Sun at a position between Mars and Jupiter, prior to its collision with the planet, Nibiru, and its subsequent division into the planet now known as Earth and the asteroid belt which continues to orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.

Children of AP.SU and TIAMAT are:

Generation No. 2

1A. MUM.MU2 (APSU1) {aka Chaos, Moymis} MUM.MU was the closest entity to AP.SU, apart from TIAMAT, being the firstborn son created when the waters of AP.SU and TIAMAT mingled. Associated by the ancients to the planet, Mercury, MUM.MU was considered the ’emissary of AP.SU.’ He is sometimes referred to as the ‘god of mists.’

1B. LAH.MU2 (APSU1) {aka Lakhmu, the hairy or muddy one } LAH.MU and his sister, LAHA.MU, were born together. Their names derive from the root, LHM (to wage war). LAH.MU (aka Deity of war) was associated with the planet, Mars.

1C. LAHA.MU2 (APSU1) {aka Lakhamu} LAHA.MU (aka Lady Of Battles) was associated with the planet, Venus.

1D. AN.SHAR2 (APSU1) {aka Sar, Assorus, The Upper Expanse, Foremost Of The Heavens} AN.SHAR and his sister KI.SHAR, were born together. AN.SHAR was associated with the planet, Saturn. AN.SHAR and his sister KI.SHAR bore a son.

Children of AN.SHAR and KI.SHAR are:
1. ANU3
3. KI

1E. KI.SHAR2 (APSU1) KI.SHAR {aka Kisar, Kissare, The Lower Expanse, Foremost of firm lands} was associated with the planet, Jupiter.

Generation No. 3

1D1. ANU3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka AN, Anum, Alalu, The Old God, The Sky, The Great Father Of The Sky, The Lord Of The Old City, The Lord Of The City Of Erech} ANU was the Great King, the King of the Gods. Whereas the ancestors of ANU were deities, ANU was the first to be considered a god to reign over all the rest. According to Zecharia Sitchin, in his Earth Chronicles series, ANU gained his superiority over the rest of the Anunnaki gods by deposing the ruler Alalu on his home planet, Nibiru, the twelfth planet in the solar system.

At the time, the planet Nibiru was undergoing a period in which its atmosphere was being eroded, and the existence of its people, the Nephilim or Anunnaki, was being threatened. Alalu escaped ANU’s wrath, and found refuge on the planet Earth in the same solar system as Nibiru. Alalu discovered that the Earth bore gold that could be used to protect Nibiru’s atmosphere. This took place around 450,000 years B.C., according to present-day reckoning. ANU, himself, came to Earth around 416,000 B.C., with his youngest son, EN.LIL.

ANU was the god by whose grace, kingship (aka Anutu, or ‘Anu’-ship) flowed to earthly kings. ANU is often believed to have been the original principle, the ‘god’, of nature. He was once the universe in the form of both the upper and lower regions; and then he was divided in two, the upper region (i.e. heaven) remaining ANU and the lower region (i.e. earth) becoming his ‘sister’ / consort, ANATU. ANU bore children by both of his sisters, ANTU and KI, and by NIMUL, who was neither an official spouse or a half-sister (and for that reason, the firstborn son was destined not to be the rightful heir).

Child of ANU and NIMUL is:
A. E.A. / EN.KI4
Children of ANU and KI or ANTU are:
Other Children of ANU (by various consorts) are:

1D2. ANTU3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Nammu, Anatu, Antum, The Lady Of The Sky, The Primeval Sea} ANTU gave birth to the heaven and earth, according to some traditions. But the Babylonian traditions maintain that ANTU was formed out of ANU. In her association with the Primeval Sea, ANTU is sometimes compared to Istar or Venus; she is sometimes referred to as the ‘female fish-god.’ ANTU does not exist in the Akkadian mythology; she arose as a distinct contrast/complement to ANU through the mythology of the Semites.

1D3. KI3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Urash, Nin.Hur.Sag, Nin.Khur.Sag, Nin.Ma, Nin.Mah, Nin.Ki, Nin.Tu, The Lady Of The Mountainhead, Queen Of The Mountains, The Exalted Lady} According to some accounts, NIN.HUR.SAG was the daughter of ANU and KI; in others, she was actually KI herself. KI was the embodiment of the archetypal ‘earth goddess’.

1D4. ELUM3 (ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Bel, Enu, Mul, Lord Of The City Of Nipur} ELUM married BELAT {aka Beltis}. ELUM was the lord of the surface of the earth and controlled the affairs of humans.

Children of ELUM and BELAT are:

Generation No. 4

1D1A. EN.KI4 (ANU3,ANSHAR22,APSU1) {aka E.A, SAMA.EL, Hea, Nudimmud, Ptah, Lord Earth, Archetype, The Lord Of Firm Ground, The Lord Of The Seas And Oceans, He Whose House Is Water, The Deep, The God Of The Lower Regions, The God Of The House Of Water, The Lord Of The City Of Eridu}

EN.KI was the firstborn son of ANU; as such, he should have inherited the dominion over the Earth. EN.KI was originally the Lord of the Earth, being the one who made the first settlement of this planet (at Eridu – i.e. House in faraway built) around 445,000 B.C., according to present-day reckoning. The purpose of establishing a settlement on Earth at Eridu (the first Earth Station) was to set up gold mining operations. At that time, he would have been known as the Lord Of Firm Ground.

But after the settlements were established, ANU sent his son, EN.LIL to govern the Earth and redirected EN.KI to rule the ABZU or ‘netherworld’ (sometimes mistranslated as the ‘abyss’ or the underworld, or at times as the abysmal oceans and referred to as Hades by the Greeks). As HEA, EN.KI is often compared to the Greek god, Kronos. He is also identified with the god, Poseidon because of the mistranslation of the word, Abzu. In Egyptian mythology, EN.KI was known as Ptah, “the Developer.”

EN.KI raped his sister, NIN.HUR.SAG in an attempt to gain a male heir. When she bore a daughter, NIN.SAR, EN.KI in turn, raped her. She, likewise bore a daughter. NIN.KUR, whom EN.KI raped in an attempt to gain a male heir. NIN.KUR bore a daughter, UT.TU, whom EN.KI raped. UT.TU bore eight trees as children to EN.KI, but he consumed them and was cursed by NIN.HUR.SAG for his actions. The curse gave to EN.KI a wound for each of the ‘tree children’ that he had killed. EN.LIL and a fox entreated NIN.HUR.SAG to reconsider her punishment of EN.KI.

In the end, NIN.HUR.SAG relented, and bore unto EN.KI eight new children, each empowered to heal one of his wounds. It was by NIN.KI {aka Damkina, Davkina, Davke, The Consort Of The Deep}, the daughter of ALALU, his ‘legitimate’ wife, that EN.KI gained a son, who was named MAR.DUK. In certain texts, it is claimed that NIN.KI was none other than NIN.HUR.SAG. EN.KI and a concubine named DUT.TUR gave birth to a son, DU.MUZI (by certain scholars, believed to have been the son of ISH.KUR and SHALA).

To alleviate the need for the Anunnaki to labor on Earth, EN.KI and his half-sister, NIN.HUR.SAG, are believed to have created the first human, the ADAMA (i.e. earthling). According to a scenario proposed by Zecharia Sitchin in his 1976 book, The 12th Planet, the Anunnaki established a settlement on the planet Earth for the purpose of mining gold. After toiling for forty ‘periods’, the Anunnaki mutinied and demanded relief. They approached EN.LIL begging for relief, but he did not want to satisfy their requests, so they called on ANU to provide relief. EN.KI, invariably the Anunnaki’s protagonist, suggested that a lullu (i.e. a primitive worker, aka the Lullu Amelu) be created to bear the work.

According to the Sumerian texts, the decision to create the Lullu was agreed upon by all the Nephilim – the gods and goddesses who made up the Anunnaki assembly. The writers of the Judeo-Christian Bible borrowed much from the Sumerian texts.

But in the process of converting the pantheon of gods into the single Deity of Yahweh, the writers sometimes made ‘errors’ and allowed the pluralistic origins of the Deity surface. In regard to the creation of mankind, the writer of the Book of Genesis made such as error when he stated, in Chapter I, verse 26:

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…”

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him: male and female created he them.”

And again, in Genesis 5:1 and 5:2, we find a parallel account, in which it is stated that:

“In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God he made him. Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam…”.

The word used in Genesis 1:26 to name the Deity was Elohim, which denotes the plural of ‘deity’. Later, in regard to the incident in which Adam and Eve partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, the plural of El (i.e. God) – Elohim, is again used in which the Deity, apparently speaking to others of His own kind, stated, in Chapter III, verse 22:

“And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.”

The process whereby mankind – Homo sapiens sapiens (i.e. the Lullu, the ‘one that is mixed’) was created, was by genetically altering the Homo erectus beings that inhabited the Earth prior to the coming of the Anunnaki. But rather than being a ‘creation’ in the strictest sense of the word, the method by which EN.KI and NIN.HUR.SAG brought the ADAMA into existence was by infusing the Nephilim / Anunnaki life blood (i.e. the nephesh, or soul) into the beings which already inhabited the Earth – the prehistoric Homo erectus.

It should here be noted that the life which inhabited this planet, prior to the arrival of the Nephilim, may have actually originated on the home planet of the Nephilim, Nibiru (according to the Sumerians, but referred to as The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin), and been deposited on this planet when it collided with Nibiru. Therefore, the life forms, including the ‘caveman’, Homo erectus, would have been genetically compatible with the life forms of Nibiru.

In the most basic terms, the semen/sperm of EN.KI was introduced into the egg of an Homo erectus female in the process known today as cross-fertilization, and the fertilized egg, the embryo, was then inserted into NIN.KI’s womb where it was nourished by her blood and grew into the ADAMA, which EN.KI named Adapa. The ADAMA was the first man – or rather, the first of a kind – Home sapiens sapiens. This first human being would be referred to, in later times, and by the spiritual descendants of the Sumerians – the Judeo-Christians, as Adam. EN.KI and NIN.HUR.SAG then created KHAWA, who would later be known as Eve.

The Adama and the Khawa were not the only beings created by EN.KI and NIN.HUR.SAG. The Sumerian Atra-Hasis epic stated that EN.KI and NIN.HUR.SAG / NIN.KI created fourteen additional humans, seven male and seven female, and inserted the genetically altered embryos into the wombs of ‘birth goddesses’ where they would mature. The Sumerian texts state that the beings which the Anunnaki created were ‘the black-haired people’ – who were the Sumerians, themselves.

Certain authorities believe that these fourteen hu.mannan were created before the ADAMA; certain others maintain that they came afterward. Those who are of the opinion that the fourteen were created first base that opinion on the assumption that they were test subjects and suffered from abnormalities that prevented them from functioning properly. It has been suggested by some scholars that the ability to reproduce is what differentiated the ADAMA and the KHAWA from the earlier created earthlings.

EN.KI introduced the knowledge of the domestication of animals to the earthlings following the Deluge.

According to the Jewish Midrash, a collection of ‘inquiries’ into the history and essence of the Jewish religion, EN.KI was known as Samael, the serpent. He was known in Chaldean tradition as Shaitan. It was EN.KI who appeared as a serpent to KHAWA / EVE and told her that EN.LIL had deceived her and ADAPA / ADAM in regard to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. EN.LIL did not want the created earthlings to possess such knowledge, and had warned them to eat of any fruit except that of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, for if they ate of it, they would die.

EN.KI, having been one of the creators of the earthlings, and wanting them to survive and multiply, informed KHAWA of EN.LIL’s deceit, telling her that she and ADAPA would not die, but be aware of their existence and of their status in relation to the Nephilim – the ‘gods.’ When the Jewish religion was being devised, and the ‘gods’ were being transformed into a single ‘god,’ the encounter in the Garden of Eden between EN.KI and KHAWA was transformed to glorify EN.LIL rather than EN.KI, and the concept of an evil, tempting adversary, the Satan, was instituted. The name SAMAEL comes from the Akkadian term, SAMA.EL, meaning ‘King of SAMA,’ a kingdom in northern Mesopotamia.

Children of EN.KI and NIN.HUR.SAG is:
Child of EN.KI and NIN.KI is:
Child of EN.KI and DUT.TUR is:
Children created genetically by EN.KI and NIN.HUR.SAG and carried in the womb by NIN.KI are:
6. ADAPA – the Adama
Child of EN.KI and an unknown concubine is:

1D1B. NIN.HUR.SAG4 (ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka KI, Nin.Mah, Nin.Khur.Sag, Nin.Igiku, Ma.Mi, and in a few instances – Nin.Ki} As the daughter of ANU and KI, NIN.MAH was known as the Lady of the Mountain, or Lady Earth. The title would eventually evolve into that form used to this day – Mother Earth. She received the name by which she was more widely known, NIN.HUR.SAG, following the Deluge, when she was granted the region which is today known as the Sinai Peninsula. NIN.MAH / NIN.HUR.SAG was the chief medical officer of the Anunnaki.

1D1C. EN.LIL4 (ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Ilu, Ilu Kur-Gal, Eloh, El Elyon, The Lofty One, The Lord Of The Air, The Lord Of The Airspace, Guardian Of The Table Of Destinies} EN.LIL bore one child by his sister, NIN.HUR.SAG, and others by his legitimate wife, NIN.LIL. NIN.LIL, {aka SUD}, the daughter of Hiah and Nidaba (aka Nunbarshegunu), was known as The Nurse. In regard to EN.LIL’s relationship to the Anunnaki, and later to the Adama creation, he functioned in a rather antagonistic role. (See the entry for EN.KI)

He was not in agreement with EN.KI’s creation of the Adama, primarily because of the frequency with which the earthlings were reproducing. Prior to the Deluge, EN.LIL attempted to curb the increase of the earthlings by introducing diseases to them. Following the Deluge, EN.LIL treated the earthlings with greater patience, and even imparted the understanding of agriculture to them. EN.LIL assumed the powers and status of his father, ANU, and was sometimes referred to as the ‘Father Of The Gods.’ EN.LIL corresponds to the God of Israel {aka El Elyon, Jehovah, El Shaddai, Allah, El Of The Mountain}, who is worshipped to this present day by Jews, Christians and Moslems. The word, Eloh, derives from Ilu, one of the names of EN.LIL.

The Mesopotamian name for EN.LIL was ILU KUR.GAL, which translates into ‘Great Mountain Lord.’ It was the tradition of EN.LIL the El Elyon which Abraham, from Ur ‘of the Chaldees’, carried with him from Mesopotamia to Canaan. It was also El the El Elyon who Abraham’s descendants followed and eventually came to worship as the monotheistic god, Jehovah, the ‘I am that I am’. In the Book of Exodus, Chapter 6, verse 3, it states,

“And God spake unto Moses, and said unto him, I am the Lord: And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my name JEHOVAH was I not known to them.”

The name by which Abraham knew this being, the God Almighty, was El Shaddai, which translates into ‘El of the Mountain’. It was, of course, simply a variation of the name Ilu Kur.Gal. The emergence of the concept of Jehovah from EN.LIL was accompanied by a few changes in His basic nature. While EN.LIL was not immortal, Jehovah was identified as ‘everlasting to everlasting.’ While EN.LIL was believed to descend from earlier ‘gods’, the Anunnaki, who from heaven came down to earth, Jehovah was claimed to have been the one and only god in existence. The transformation was, undoubtedly, an attempt to elevate EN.LIL higher than any of the other Anunnaki.

Children of EN.LIL and NIN.HUR.SAG are:
Children of EN.LIL and NIN.LIL are:

1D1E. LUGAL.EDIN4 (ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka The King Of The Desert}

1D1I. RIM.MAN4 (ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Rimmon, Mirmir, Dadda, Teiseba, The God Of The Space Between Heaven And Earth, The Air God, The Lord Of The City Of Muru} RIM.MAN was considered to be the god who controlled rain, storms, whirlwinds, thunder and lightning.

1D1J. GI.BIL4 (ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka The Fire God, He Who Burns The Soil} GIBIL was the god of fire. He was associated with witchcraft and the casting of spells. GI.BIL was knowledgeable in ‘wisdom’. The Akkadian word for ‘wisdom’, nimiku, refers to mining metals. Therefore, GI.BIL was knowledgeable in mining techniques.

1D1K. ISTAR4 (ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Gingir, The Goddess Of Love} ISTAR was often compared to the Greek goddess, Venus.

1D4A. SIN4 (ELUM3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Agu, Acu, The Moon God, The God Of The City Of Ur} SIN’s consort is not known, by he was believed to have borne a son.

Child of SIN and —– is:

1D4C. NINIP4 (ELUM3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka The God Of Hunting And War} NINIP was originally considered to be the Sun God, before SIN’s child, SAMAS took on that title.

Generation No. 5

1D1A1. NIN.SAR5 (ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) EN.KI raped his sister, NIN.HUR.SAG in an attempt to gain a male heir. Instead the daughter, NIN.SAR, was born. EN.KI then raped NIN.SAR in his continuing attempt to gain a son.

Child of EN.KI and NIN.SAR is:

1D1A2. NINKASI5 (ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka The Goddess Of Brewing, The Lady Who Fills The Mouth} NINKASI was one of the eight children born of NIN.HUR.SAG to heal the wounds of EN.KI.

1D1A3. MAR.DUK5 (ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Maraduk, Merodach, Bel, Ra, The Glory Of The Sun, The Avenger, The Son Of The Pure Mound, The Lord Of The Babylonians} MAR.DUK was known in Egypt as the god, Ra (i.e. the Bright One). He was the legal heir of EN.KI and NIN.KI / DAMKINA, and because of that, MAR.DUK waged war against NINURTA, the firstborn son of EN.LIL for dominion over the Earth. MAR.DUK was associated with the Roman god, Jupiter.

MAR.DUK was called ‘The Redeemer of Mankind’ by some. He traveled throughout the world collecting information and setting right anything that appears wrong. MARUDUK was given the name of ‘Bel’, which meant Lord, as Babylon rose in importance. He should not be confused with the ‘Bel’, son of Anshar and Kishar, though. MAR.DUK married SARPANIT {aka Ziratpanit, Succoth Benoth} an Earthling daughter of ENKI.ME (i.e. Enoch, the son of Irid and Baraka). 1D1D1…

Child of MAR.DUK and SARPANIT is:

1D1A4. NINGISHZIDDA5 (ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Thoth, Tehuti, the Winged Serpent} NINGISHZIDDA was a genetics scientist, known in Egypt as the god, Thoth. According to Zecharia Sitchin, NINGISHZIDDA went to the American continent after being deposed by his brother, Marduk. During his sojourn in the lands which would become known as the Americas, NINGISHZIDDA was known as the “Winged Serpent.”

1D1A5. DU.MUZI5 (ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Tammuz, The Shepherd King}

1D1A6. ADAPA5 (ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka ADAM, the Adama, Atabba, Atab} ADAPA, the Adama, was the first human being, or rather, the ‘first of a kind,’ created genetically by EN.KI and his half-sister, NIN.KI / NIN.HUR.SAG by the introduction of EN.KI’s sperm into the egg of an Homo erectus female, and the fertilized egg, the embryo, was then inserted into NIN.KI’s womb where it grew into the Adama.

The Adama was, thusly, descended from the Nephilim through the genetic coding of EN.KI. After he grew into adulthood (the Sumerian texts do not note the age), ADAPA was anointed as the first human priest-king, and was placed in charge of EN.KI’s temple at Eridu. Normally, cross-bred beings are incapable of reproducing on their own, but this was not the case with ADAPA and KHAWA.

For that reason, they were considered the ‘First Of A Kind’, and to them were given the knowledge of agriculture and animal domestication. Therefore, they were the first of what would be known as Civilized Mankind. ADAPA / ADAM and his earthling mate, KHAWA / EVE, gave birth to at least four children of whose names we are aware; they were the founders of the Sumerian culture.

Children of The ADAMA and KHAWA are:

1D1A7. KHAWA5 (ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka EVE, AVA, NIN-KHAWA} Prior to her union with the ADAMA, KHAWA was seduced by EN.KI in the form of a serpent by the name Samael. The two brought a child into the world who would later gain fame as having ‘killed’ his half-brother, Abel. According to the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, Chapter IV, verse 1, it states:

“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.”
Laurence Gardner, in his book, Genesis Of The Grail Kings, noted that this verse implies that Qayin / Cain was the son of the ‘Lord’, which the Jewish Midrash identified as SAMA.EL, or the serpent, which was EN.KI.

Child of KHAWA and EN.KI / SAMAEL is:

1D1C1. NIN.URTA5 (ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Nanurta, Ningirsu, The Mighty Hunter, The God Of The South Wind} NIN.URTA married BAU {aka GU.LA, The Doctor}. It was NIN.URTA who, in battle with MAR.DUK, vanquished him and imprisoned him within the Ekur, or Great Pyramid. NIN.URTA later established a spacecraft landing site in the continent that would eventually be named, America.

1D1C2. NAN.NAR5 (ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Nanna, SU.EN, Sin, ZU, ZU.EN The Bright One, The God Of Ur} NAN.NAR was the first of the Anunnaki to be born on the Earth. It was he, who told of in the Tale Of Zu, attempted to steal the Enlilship (i.e. the Kingship of the Gods on Earth). NAN.NAR married NIN.GAL {aka The Great Lady}.

Children of NAN.NAR and NIN.GAL are:

1D1C3. ISH.KUR5 (ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Adad, Dudu} ISH.KUR was given the responsibility of the winds by EN.KI. He was said to be in charge of the ‘silver lock of the heart of heaven’. ISH.KUR married the Priestess, SHALA {aka NIN.SUNAL, DUT.TUR}

Children of ISH.KUR and SHALA are:
B. DUMU.ZI. (Claimed by certain scholars to have been the son of EN.KI and his concubine DUT.TUR.)

1D1C4. NER.GAL5 (ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Meslamtaea, Erra, The Illuminator Of The Great City (Hades), The Lord Of The Netherworld} NER.GAL became known as ERRA (i.e. the Annihilator) following the nuclear war he and NIN.URTA waged against MAR.DUK. NER.GAL married ERESH.KIGAL {aka Queen Of The Netherworld}. (See: #1D1C2A) She was the daughter of NAN.NAR and NIN.GAL. They bore a daughter whom they named Lilith.

Although many scholars have made the cursory assumption that the ‘Netherworld’ in which Ereshkigal resided was a place underground, a so-called ‘land of the dead’, Zecharia Sitchin has proposed that it simply referred to the southern hemisphere. His proposal suggests that the Anunnaki came to this planet primarily to mine gold, and that it was in the region of the Zambezi River in southern African that they established their mining operations.

Child of NER.GAL and ERESH.KIGAL is:

1D4A1. SAMAS5 (SIN4,ELUM3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka The Sun God}

Generation No. 6

1D1A1A. NIN.KUR6 (NINSAR5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) After EN.KI raped his own daughter, NIN.SAR, and she failed to bear a son for him, he raped his granddaughter, NIN.KUR. She, likewise, failed to bear a son; instead, NIN.KUR gave birth to a daughter, UT.TU.

Child of ENKI and NINKUR is:
1. UT.TU7

1D1A3A. NABAK6 (MARDUK5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Nabu, Nabih, Nebo, Nabu, The Prophet} NABAK married TASHMETUM {aka Tasmit, The Hearer}.

1D1A3B. SATU6 (MARDUK5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Seth} SATU was known as Seth in Egypt.

1D1A6A. HEVEL6 (ADAPA5ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Abel, Habhil} HEVEL / ABEL was the second son borne by KHAWA / EVE, and the first son conceived by ADAPA / ADAM with his earthling wife.


1D1A6D. SAT.NAAL6 (ADAMA5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Seth, Sheth, Set, Sed, The Guardian Of The Holy Mountain}. More commonly known by the Judeo-Christian name of Seth, SAT.NAAL married KALIMATH {aka Aklia, Aklemia, Climia, Kali Azura}, a daughter of EN.KI and Lilith.

Children of SAT.NAAL and KALIMATH are:
1. NEOM7

1D1A7A. QAYIN6 (KHAWA5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Cain, Kain, AR.WI.UM, The Serpent King Of Kish } QAYIN / CAIN was the eldest of the sons borne by KHAWA / EVE. He was the son of EN.KI, and therefore was not wholly conceived with earthling genes. Unlike ADAPA before him, QAYIN was not conceived by means of artificial insemination; rather, he was conceived by the physical union of the Anunnaki (EN.KI) and an earthling (EVE). For this reason, the name of Qayin refers to ‘kingship.’ According to the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, Chapter IV, verse 1, it states:

“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.”

The ‘Lord,’ in this case, was EN.KI, in the form of Samael. QAYIN was, according to Laurence Gardner, the first of the ‘Grail Kings.’ In the Hebrew Bible, in Genesis, Chapter 4, verse 2, it states: “And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.”; the latter part about Cain should more correctly be translated that he ‘held dominion over the earth’ in regard to his descent from EN.KI.

According to Laurence Gardner, in his book, Genesis Of The Grail Kings, it was noted that the translation of the subsequent episode in which Cain ‘rose up against Abel, and slew him’ is incorrect. A more accurate translation of the original texts should read that Cain (by his part ‘godly’ blood) was ‘elevated’ or ‘exalted’ above his earthling brother, Abel. The word yaqam, which has been mistranslated as ‘slew’ in regard to what happened next to Abel, actually implied ‘sinking into the ground’; in other words, Abel’s apparent worth was below that of Cain’s, because he, Abel, was not conceived directly from the Anunnaki.

The name Qayin refers, not only to the idea of kingship, but to the art of metal-smithing. The word kenning, referring to the forging of sword blades, comes from the name. A descendant of QAYIN, Tubal-Cain, was noted as the ultimate metal-smith. QAYIN married his half-sister, LULUWA / AWAN (See #1D1C4A1). The descendants of QAYIN / CAIN became known as the Kish Dynasty.

Children of QAYIN and LULUWA are:

1D1C2A. ERESH.KIGAL6 (NANNAR5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka The Queen Of The Netherworld} ERESH.KIGAL married her uncle, NER.GAL. According to an ancient Sumerian tale, a banquet was held in the heavens in honor of Anu and his sons, Enlil and Ea/Enki. Ereshkigal could not attend, so she sent Namtar, her counselor, in her place. The messenger reported to her that when he entered the banquet hall, all of the gods, except one – Nergal, rose to greet him. At this, Ereshkigal was insulted, and she demanded that Nergal be sent to her for punishment.

Ea consented and ordered Nergal to go to the netherworld where Ereshkigal was queen. Nergal went, and when he arrived at her abode, he found Ereshkigal bathing. According to the Sumerian text: “she revealed her body. What is normal for man and woman, he … in his heart … they embraced, passionately they got into bed”, and made love for seven days and nights. Then Nergal left Ereshkigal, promising to return later. Nimtar convinced Ereshkigal that Nergal had no such intention of returning ever.

So Ereshkigal sent Nimtar back to Ea to beg for Nergal’s return. Nergal, in response, did return, but with the intention of killing her, so as to avoid having to marry and live thereafter in the netherworld. But when he returned and laid eyes on Ereshkigal once more, Nergal’s heart melted, and in the end he became her husband.

According to the scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, the netherworld was actually a reference to the southern hemisphere of the planet earth. He conjectures that the realm over which Ereshkigal reigned was located somewhere in the valley of the Zambezi River in southern Africa.

Child of ERESH.KIGAL and NER.GAL is:
1. LILITH6. (See: 1D1C4A)

1D1AC2B. INANNA6 (NANNAR5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Ishtar, Astarte, Anunitu, The Great Lady Of Love And War, The Beloved Of Anu} INANNA loved DUMU.ZI {aka The Shepherd King}, the son of Ishkur and Shala (See #1D1A3B). INANNA was given the privilege of being the keeper of the me, claimed by some scholars to have been the universal decrees of divine authority (i.e. the invocations that facilitated the advancement of civilization and the arts), and by others to have been the means by which the Anunnaki transported themselves through the air – a sort of helmet that permitted flight.

1D1C2C. UTU6 (NANNAR5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Shemesh, Shamash, The Shining One, The Prince Of Justice, The God Of The Sun} UTU married AYA, a human. Utu, as the God of the Sun, was believed to travel to the underworld every day, rising in the ‘mountain of the east’ and setting in the ‘mountain of the west.”

1D1C4A. LILITH6 (NERGAL5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka NIN, Lillake, The Beautiful Queen, The Consort Of The Gods } LILITH is believed to have been the first wife of the Adama, the first human, {aka ADAM}; but she refused to be his sexual mate. Instead, LILITH bore a child to EN.KI, her great-uncle. When he mated with LILITH, EN.KI took the form of the serpent, SAMA.EL.

Children of LILITH and ENKI are:

Generation No. 7

1D1A1A1. UT.TU7 (NINKUR6NINSAR5,ENKI4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) UT.TU was EN.KI’s great-granddaughter, the last of a line that EN.KI raped in his attempt to gain a son.

He likewise raped UT.TU, who bore him eight tree children. In a rage at not gaining the son he so desired, EN.KI devoured the eight tree children. For his action, NIN.HUR.SAG cursed him with eight wounds, one for each of UT.TU’s tree children he had eaten.

1D1C4A1. LULUWA7 (LILITH6,NERGAL5,ENLIL4,ANU3,ANSHAR2,APSU1) {aka Awan} LULUWA, the daughter of EN.KI and LILITH, married QAYIN, the son of EN.KI and KHAWA/EVE, her half-brother (See #1D1A7A).

Children of LULUWA and QAYIN are:

Sourced: Larry D. Smith – MotherBedford Website