Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Out of Place Artifacts – 2021 Edition

The Archive released a video in 2015 detailing ten Out of Place Artifacts derived from a detailed viewer poll. During the compilation of potential...

Atlantis, Anunnaki, Ancient Egypt and Akashic Record | Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce mostly gave psychic readings for people that were in great difficulty or suffering but he also prophesied about world events, past and...

The Silurian Hypothesis

What if another industrial civilization had existed on Earth tens of millions of years ago, long before humans, but all traces of it have...

Earth’s Ancient Pyramids – Unity of Civilization

Pyramid…. When someone hears that word, it is likely that an image of the Great Pyramid of Giza comes to mind. This is the...

Bible Creation – In the Beginning

The merging of state, religion, and science was nowhere more complete than in Babylon. There the original Sumerian Epic of Creation was translated and...

Enki vs Enlil – The Evil Wind

In ancient Mesopotamian texts, we find not only descriptions of weapons of mass destruction but also their actual use. And of course, what has...

Ancient Architecture: Teotihuacán, Sacsayhuaman & Puma Punku

Ancient ruins around the world have withstood the test of time and remain standing for academics and laymen alike to ponder and study. Many...

Nibiru Evidence in Ancient Mesopotamian Cuneiform

Ever so often, we come across what the Archive calls a Sitchin debunker. This is a person who attempts to discredit author Zecharia Sitchin...

The Black Knight Satellite Truth

The Black Knight Satellite Truth - The primary purpose of this presentation is to explain why the BKS has no real relationship to the...

Egyptian Book of the Dead

Egyptian Book of the Dead PDF Click Here!