Thursday, June 1, 2023

Egyptian Book of the Dead

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Edgar Cayce: Atlantis Readings

Atlantis Readings 364-1 Atlantis as a continent is a legendary tale. Whether or not that which has been received through psychic sources has for its...

Ancient Immortality

For millennia humans have sought to escape the ravages of aging and avoid the potential darkness of death using a myriad of methods and...

Fallen Ones: The Watchers, Grigori, Nephilim and Igigi Explained

The Watchers, Grigori, Nephilim and Igigi have become common terms used nowadays on social media platforms, but they are rarely understood and just as...

Bible Creation – In the Beginning

The merging of state, religion, and science was nowhere more complete than in Babylon. There the original Sumerian Epic of Creation was translated and...

Archaeology 2020 – March – April

Welcome to the second edition of Archaeology 2020. Every two months the Archive publishes a new update covering some of the most important archaeological,...

Americas’ Ancient Astronauts

Most of us would agree that the vast amounts of on-going discoveries, archaeological finds and research that support the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis originate predominantly...

Castle of the Sealand kings: Discovering ancient Iraq’s rebel rulers

The Kings of the Sealand sound like they come straight out of a fantasy novel but it’s the name given to a royal dynasty...

The Ancient Hopi & Star People

The Hopi, the westernmost branch of the Pueblo Indians, are believed to be descendants of an ancient people who built a sophisticated civilization in...

Mysterious Creatures from the Book of Jasher Found on Mayan Stela

Is an ancient Mayan Stela related to the mysterious creatures described in the Book of Jasher? The Book of Jasher is an alternate narrative...


Giants in the Bible Explained – Nephilim, Rephaim & Anakim

Giants in the Bible Explained - Nephilim, Rephaim & Anakim is a detailed look at the appearance of giants in the Bible. Stories of...

Book of Enoch Explained


Mythology of Jesus


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