Nibiru Truth

The speculation of the existence of an additional planetary body in our solar system is not the fringe discussion of decades past. In fact, as we will see later in this treatment, several contemporary mainstream academics and astronomers are busy postulating, debating and searching for the existence of such a body in the heavens. Nonetheless, mainstream academia by and large does not support the specific notion of “Nibiru” as translated by certain individuals from the early Sumerian cylinder seals, specifically VA243 that is estimated between 5300 to 6000 years old depending on the reference.

The discussion regarding Nibiru will basically be the explanation of the ongoing confusion and debate regarding the translation of ancient Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian texts along with the scientific debate against its existence. There are key individuals that will be cited in this ongoing debate that represent primarily two opposing viewpoints. Basically the two viewpoints can be distilled to those that believe the texts are the works of myth and those that believe the texts describe actual events.