Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mysterious Creatures from the Book of Jasher Found on Mayan Stela

Is an ancient Mayan Stela related to the mysterious creatures described in the Book of Jasher? The Book of Jasher is an alternate narrative...

Stephen Hawking’s Last Theory

With a science paper published after his death, Stephen Hawking has revived debate on a deeply divisive question for cosmologists: Is our Universe just...

Egyptian Books of Breathing – New Analysis

The spellbinding practice of the ancient Egyptians to help their dearly departed cross over to the next world has enthralled Egyptologists for more than...

Ancient Immortality

For millennia humans have sought to escape the ravages of aging and avoid the potential darkness of death using a myriad of methods and...

Amazon Warriors – Myth to Reality

Four female warriors buried around 2,500 years ago with weapons have been discovered in western Russia. For the first time, archaeologists found a magnificent...

Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld

The poem tells a strange story of the Goddess Inanna's journey from Her own realm on Earth to the Underworld. Her intention is not...