Archaeology 2020 – July – August

Welcome to the fourth edition of Archaeology 2020. Every two months the Archive publishes a new update covering some of the most important archaeological, anthropological and other new discoveries. Enjoy!


– First Ancient Underwater Cultural Sites in Australia

– Ancient ‘Pharaohs’ of the Emerald Isle

– Polynesians, Native Americans Made Contact Before European Arrival – 120,000-year-old Necklace Tells of the Origin of String

– Flint Figurines… Earliest Depictions of Real People

– Archaeologists Date Earliest Known Occupation of North America

– Google Launches Hieroglyphics Translator Powered by AI

– How a Giant Tsunami Devastated Britain’s Atlantis

– Neanderthals not Extinct Because of Changes in Climate

– Archaeologists Discover Palace Where Aztec Emperor was Killed

– Peopling of the Americas Began more than 20,000 years ago

– 55 million-year-old Owl with ‘Murder Feet’ Unearthed

– ‘Fast Radio Burst’ Detected Closer to Earth than ever Before

– Treasure-hunter finds 3,000-year-old Hoard in Scotland

– Europe’s Earliest Bone Tools Found in Britain

– 4,500-year-old ‘Timber Circles’ Discovered in Portugal

– Ancient Stone ‘Breadcrumbs’ Reveal Early Human Migration

– Stone Structures may be some of Oldest Monuments in the World

– Scientists Just Narrowed Down The Age of Earth’s Inner Core