Archaeology 2020 – May – June

Welcome to the third edition of Archaeology 2020. Every two months the Archive publishes a new update covering some of the most important archaeological, anthropological and other new discoveries. Enjoy! Topics: Rare Butchery Scene Found in 30,000-year-old Rock Art in India Longer Overlap for Modern Humans and Neanderthals Dozens of Prehistoric Sites discovered by Archaeology Volunteers Working at Home During Lockdown Ancient Human Genomes Shed New Light on East Asia’s History A Temple that Predates Stonehenge Reveals Architectural Planning may be Older than We Think Carbon Dating, the Archaeological Workhorse, is Getting a Major Reboot Oldest cousin of Native Americans Found in Russia Scratching the Surface: Drones Cast New Light on Mystery of Nazca Lines Pilbara Mining Blast Confirmed to have Destroyed 46,000yo Sites of ‘Staggering’ Significance Dinosaur-dooming Asteroid Struck Earth at ‘Deadliest Possible’ Angle Ancient Shrine Reveals how Marijuana was used to Evoke Religious Ecstasy Ancient DNA is Offering Clues to Puzzle of Dead Sea Scrolls Humans and Neanderthals: Less Different than Polar and Brown Bears Oldest and Largest Maya Structure Discovered in Southern Mexico Unparalleled Discovery of Ancient Skeletons Sheds Light on when People Started Eating Maize Face of a 7,500-year-old Woman Reveals Gibraltar’s Earliest Humans Entire Roman City Revealed Without any Digging Denisovan DNA Influences Immune System of Modern-day Oceanian Populations Discovery of Oldest Bow and Arrow Technology in Eurasia Seafood Helped Prehistoric People Migrate Out of Africa DNA Study Reveals Ireland’s Age of ‘God-kings’ Vast Neolithic Circle of Deep Shafts Found Near Stonehenge Former Dornoch Man Discovers 5500-year-old Cup in Loch Citizen Scientist Strikes Gold and makes Major 460-million-year-old Fossil Find