Alien Moon Structures and Anomalies

#Alien #Moon #Anomalies Earth’s Weird Moon – Alien Structures and Anomalies Exposed catalogs some of the most stunning moon anomalies over the last 60+ years. Indeed, there are several anomalies over the last six decades to which NASA and its astronauts have responded dismissively. These anomalies are fueled by transcripts and unexplained photographs, some of which have only been declassified within the past decade. Whether there is any validity to these theories is up for debate, but some are so compelling they cannot be ignored. More importantly many of these anomalies remain unexplained by the space agency.

In part one the Archive covered several hypotheses regarding the origin of our moon. the Giant Impact Hypothesis, the Immediate Origin Post-Impact Satellite Hypothesis, the Multiple Impacts Hypothesis, The Synestia Hypothesis, The Capture Hypothesis, The Accretion Hypothesis, and the Nuclear Explosion Hypothesis. We also discussed the 4000-year-old explanation found in the Enuma Elish. And finally, we addressed the moon landing hoax in no uncertain terms.

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