Ancient Apocalypse Analysis – Graham Hancock’s Netflix Series

Ancient Apocalypse, a new series presented by Graham Hancock is a comprehensive picture of the early human civilization that may have existed prior to the end of the last Ice Age. The 8-episode docuseries explores the journey of Hancock and the record of his travels across the globe to discover this advanced ancient civilization. The new Netflix series debuted November 11th, 2022 – with all eight episodes available and narrated by Hancock himself. Those of you who been regular viewers of the Archive over the past few years may already know that when it comes to Graham Hancock, we have what you might call mixed feelings. Our main problem with him has been his criticism and dismissal of Sitchin’s work. On the other hand, the Archive follows Hancock’s investigations into various megaliths because they are often the same locations which are the subject matter of our presentations. Regarding Hancock’s newest series, the Archive actually felt compelled to offer a defense regardless of any personal reservations because of the transparent and blatant hit pieces that have surfaced almost immediately after its debut.