Origin of Nibiru and the Enuma Elish

Nearly 4 millenia ago, the ancient Babylonians recorded a tale of how our solar system was created. The name of the tale is the Enuma Elish…and its true origin is much older than four thousand years ago. The earliest version of this text found so far is from Ashurbanipal’s library at Nineveh dated to c. 1200 BC but their colophons indicate that these are all copies of a much older version of the myth dating from long before the fall of Sumer in c. 1750 BC. That is about as far as mainstream academia will take you. But in order to appreciate this historical written account that is older than the Bible by a thousand or more years, you must bother to actually study the texts…

Reference #1: ‘Nibiru’ in Mesopotamian Texts – 13:48

Reference #2: Enuma Elish Complete

  • Tablet 1: 19:36
  • Tablet 2: 28:48
  • Tablet 3: 35:06
  • Tablet 4: 42:38
  • Tablet 5: 50:24
  • Tablet 6: 57:17
  • Tablet 7: 1:06:40
  • Epilogue: 1:16:40