Did ancient civilizations possess knowledge that has since been lost to science? Were amazing technologies available to the ancient Egyptians that enabled them to construct the pyramids — technologies that have somehow been forgotten?

The ruins of several ancient civilizations — from Stonehenge to the pyramids — show that they used massive stones to construct their monuments. A basic question is why?

Why use stone pieces of such enormous size and weight when the same structures could have been constructed with more easily managed smaller blocks — much like we use bricks and cinder blocks today?

Could part of the answer be that these ancients had a method of lifting and moving these massive stones — some weighing several tons — that made the task as easy and manageable as lifting a two-pound brick? The ancients, some researchers suggest, may have mastered the art of levitation, through sonics or some other obscure method, that allowed them to defy gravity and manipulate massive objects with ease.