Einstein & Oppenheimer Top-Secret Alien Memo

Many of our viewers already know that the UFO phenomena has been present in human history for millennia. Accounts of unidentified aerial phenomena reach as far back in antiquity as our first discovered human writings and cave drawings. And for over 99% of that time period up until now, the sightings have been classified as unexplained, mysterious or just plain misidentified natural phenomena. However, things began to change about 200 years ago with the invention of photography and the ability to provide actual visual evidence. Even so, most of the photographic evidence, and later video evidence, over the last couple of centuries has been either discredited or even debunked in a consistent effort to keep the general public ignorant or at least skeptical of the true nature of these phenomena. To this very day, there has been no confirmation from any Earth government that such phenomena are of extraterrestrial origin.

As recently as September 2019, the US Navy admitted that three videos from 2004 and 2015, which were recorded by military pilots, contained footage of what they deemed Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). This is a very significant development because it is the first time the Navy has admitted that it cannot identify the aerial objects, but the Navy went no further in its disclosure.