Nibiru Truth Part 2

The scientific analysis of the topic of Nibiru revolves around the possible existence of an additional planetary body in our solar system. The conventional scientific paradigm continues to discount the concept of the Sumerians having recorded the existence of an actual planet; a planet named Nibiru/Marduk. However, as we progress through this presentation, we will observe that there is indeed a very vocal minority of astronomers who have begun to embrace the possibility of a rogue planetary body that possesses a very long elliptical orbit around our sun. So, it is important to understand that the Archive does not categorically reject the scientific community’s point of view regarding the existence of Nibiru, because there are in fact many astronomers and astrophysicists actively searching for an additional planet which is supported by their own calculations and research. These renegade men and women of science simply refrain from using the word ‘Nibiru’ as an understandable precaution at this stage of potential discovery. With that said, this presentation will take to task those in the scientific community who remain dismissive of the possible existence of Nibiru.