Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Nibiru Truth © Part 1 – Exclusive 2017

The speculation of the existence of an additional planetary body in our solar system is not the fringe discussion of decades past. In fact, as we will see later in this treatment, several contemporary...

Nibiru 2017 Update ©

The Archive’s Nibiru 2017 Update is an urgent message! It is calling BS when and where it needs to be called. The Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, Anunnaki and Sumerians have long been used by fearmongers...

Nibiru, Jesus & Star of Bethlehem – Anunnaki Christmas 2017 ©

The famous Star of Bethlehem may not have been a star at all, but an extremely rare planetary alignment, per University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Grant Matthews. "Astronomers, historians and theologians have pondered the question...

The Science of Populated Nibiru ©

For the more orthodox proponents of the modern day Ancient Astronaut Theory, the existence of Nibiru is one of the primary tenets. According to theory, Nibiru is a planet in the Sol system that...

Human Origins – Nibiru, the Anunnaki and Sumerians [AR Series]

This presentation is part of the Archive Retrospect Series and offers an excellent summation of the Ancient Astronaut Theory. If you are new to the field, this is a great "101" type of video...

Nibiru – Hijacked ©

Doomsdayers, Fearmongers, & Pop-Cultralists... For decades these groups have maligned and perverted the existence of an additional planet in our Solar System known to the ancient Sumerians as Nibiru. These groups have ignorantly and...

The Lost Book of Enki

Lost Book of Enki Playlist: "Within these pages Sitchin gives us his complete vision of our past. ‘The Lost Book of Enki’ is a work of literature, written in the style of an Akkadian...

Nibiru Science

Over the last few decades several “official” astronomical analyses have determined the likelihood of additional planets in our own solar system. “Planet X” has become the term associated with the elusive planet(s) and as...

Zecharia Sitchin – Sumerians & The Anunnaki

One of the few scholars able to read and interpret ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets, Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) based his bestselling The 12th Planet on texts from the ancient civilizations of the Near...

Anunnaki, Nibiru, Sitchin (One of His Last Interviews)

Zecharia Sitchin reflects on his life's work in one of his last national interviews before he passed in 2010. One of the few scholars able to read and interpret ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets,...